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EVIL DAMN/TOXIC HOLOCAUST/CHAINSAW KILLER - "Blasphemy, Mayhem and War" (2005)

"Blasphemy, Mayhem and War"

Evil Damn (Perú)

1. Ia! Ia! Kthulhu.
2. Evil Dwells Out There.
3. Darkness Will Remain.
4. Possessed.
5. Trapped In Doom.
6. Shaitan.
7. The Black Vomit (Sarcófago cover).

Toxic Holocaust (U.S.A.)

8. Death Master.
9. Metal Attack.
10. Damned To Fire.
11. 666.
12. Options Don't Exist.
13. Sacrifice (Bathory cover).

Chainsaw Killer (Colombía) 

14. Spark of Creation.
15. Suicidal Loser.
16. My Thrashy Life.
17. Metal Addicted.
18. Death, Blood... Insane.
19. Mirror of my Nights.

Deskargar: "Blasphemy, Mayhem and War" I.
Deskargar: "Blasphemy, Mayhem and War" II.
Deskargar: "Blasphemy, Mayhem and War" III.

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